Monday, October 13, 2008

Little Li-Li's Update

We had our neurosurgery appointment today and I am SO pleased to say that it went really well. This (other than the lung issues, which are par for the preemie course) is our last major health hurdle in this preemie world. We are not discharged yet but won't that be a blessed day? The chief of neurosurgery indicates that he doesn't want to see Eli again until he is 2 and he believes that the fluid issue will be resolved by then, meaning NO SHUNT!!!! I am just so thrilled with this appointment. I headed home from the appointment totally light hearted and feeling great. Alex fell asleep (which usually happens if we are in the car for more than 10 minutes) and I sang along to some Jack Johnson in celebration. I looked back at Eli and he was bobbing his head and humming along with Mommy. It was definitely a moment when I stopped and thanked God for this gift. It is always a humbling experience to go to these appointments because you are in a waiting room with other families whose children have severe disabilities. You almost feel guilty that your children are running around and terrorizing the office because theirs are not and they never have. I know that God gives grace to those who need it in a way that I cannot comprehend but it is, again, truly humbling.

As I mentioned I did let the boys out of their stroller to play. I have never done this in a Dr.'s office, much less in a Dr.'s office when I have them by myself but it wasn't a busy waiting room and I figured it would be a new experience for them. Let's just say I was sweating like I had run a marathon (not that I would actually know what that feels like but just imagine with me). The boys did really well. I was impressed when another child came and tried to play with the toy Alex had because he didn't do his pterodactyl impression or hit anyone. I was starting to feel pretty cocky about my boys and their sweetness until...dum, dum, dum, dum,....they called Eli's name. He wasn't exactly thrilled to be put back into his stroller/prison after tasting sweet freedom. It resulted in a minor "flipper" impersonation and then we were on our way. All in all a good experience. I also like the fact that I feel like I got a decent workout.


Liz said...

LOL! I commend you for taking them to a dr. appointment by yourself!! (bowing down to you) I loved the flipper image. I'm so scared to let them out of the stroller anywhere. They had a lot of freedom this weekend but I had help with me. By myself....I'm not so sure how I'd do. It's going to be a long 2(?) years or so before they learn not to run off. sigh

rachael said...

so glad you got good news!!!

Harris Boys said...

becky..what great news about eli. and good for you for letting the boys play in the waiting room...I know what you mean about sweating and feeling that you just ran a marathon...LOL

I still dread taking the boys to the pedi alone...its a hard job!