Tuesday, October 21, 2008

All in a Day's Work

They are laughing so hard here because they are playing the game where they kick Mommy while swinging and she over-reacts in pain. Sweet, Right??

They had their first experience with crunchy leaves and at first they didn't want me to put them down but once I showed them how they could crunch them up in their hand they were thrilled and didn't want to go back inside.

I just finished talking to Jared about how this "job" called motherhood is the greatest privilege and blessing and at the same time it is THE most challenging job I have had in my life. The boys have ear infections, something respiratory(ish) and just in case that was too mundane they are also teething. Yahoo for us! It made for a long day but it made for such a fun day too. I had to laugh as I looked at my pics from the day and the adventures that made it what it was. Only in this gig could I have such a wide array of challenges, heartaches and triumphs and for each one I am thankful! :)

These pictures had to be added. We tried on our costumes for Grandma today and Eli crawled off to play in his room. I went in to find this. He played in his costume for at least a half an hour. So funny, this one.


monica said...

I love the dog costume!!

rachael said...

being a mom is definitely the most difficult, the most rewarding job in the entire world. there are days that are not so good and days that are so, so good and so many in between. i wouldn't trade this for the world! my 3 love to play the swing and kick mommy who over-reacts in pain game too!

Harris Boys said...

hey becky! love their halloween costumes..too cute eli wanted to play in his :)

I agree 100% about how hard and rewarding being a mom is. Is the best job I've ever had and the hardest too.