Friday, October 10, 2008

Flashback Friday

Alex (Dec. 07/8 months old and Now/almost 18 months old)

Eli (Same month/Same age/completely different child :))
We tried on winter hats last week. This one didn't quite fasten under Eli's chin and allow him to breathe (minor detail, I know) but I am on a mission to find his (that was Alex's) from last year because I think it is bigger. When did my babies get so big??? They are such big boys that I forget sometimes that I have to watch their little hands while we are shopping. It is a regular occurrence right now that we don't realize how long their reach has become. Last night, for instance, we were at our pharmacy which is a little family owned place and I heard a crash. I look at my sweet, Eli boy only to discover that he had pulled a rack of candy over. I quickly crouched down and began to pick up several boxes of candy. Unfortunately, it was not regular old boxed candy it was silly, little, cutesy candy that comes in various sized tubes. Thankfully the employees took over and refused to let me continue to pick up each candy toy and put them in the proper box. The boys just watched us from the stroller as these funny adults "played" with the candy. You gotta love toddlers.

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