Sunday, October 12, 2008

Great Weekend!

This has truly been a good weekend. I always dread weekends when Jared works but I then quickly remind myself that part of me being able to stay home involves him working. Isn't it crazy how it works that way? :) Anyways, on Friday I met Kim (Jared's sister) at her house and we let the boys torture, I mean "play with", Dusty their sweet dog and then headed for the park to let them swing. It is absolutely gorgeous right now in Michigan and we thoroughly enjoyed being outside. We then headed to pick Amanda up from school and then all had lunch together, including Andrew, before the boys had to have their nap (which lasted more than 3 hours, Hallelujah!). It was nice to get out and I don't have to worry about kid germs too much because Andrew and Amanda are older and don't put toys in their mouths :)

Yesterday, we went to Colin and Celia's soccer game which was great because AGAIN it was a gorgeous day and we were able to get some fresh air. Although I am careful with the boys I have a theory that outdoor air and other kids is safer than indoor air and kids and their toys, etc. I hope that this theory holds true. It was fun because 1/2 of our church's kids play in this league and we got to all hang out for a bit. Callie (my friend's daughter) and Collin (my nephew) went head to head more than a few times and I must say Collin does have some competition but he did great, as did Callie! I believe when I left that they were the only scorers for each of their teams. The boys had a great time and AGAIN a 3 hour nap followed.

Today I attended church and as I say on here often it was wonderful. I cannot say enough about the fellowship I have there but most importantly I cherish the time that I was able to completely focus on God. The boys stayed home and played with Daddy and then they had grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch. This facts seems meaningless but it was their first time. Still meaningless, yeah, OK, but it is my blog and I was excited :) They also replaced their bottles with ..... sippy cups! Which is the true triumph. I tried it in the morning and they could not have cared less so I figured let's just do this and we tried it at night with the same success. I guess this means we are done with bottles. I am guessing I could have done it sooner but oh well I am glad it went so smoothly because that was not expected. Now, if the weaning from the binky could go as well I would be thrilled. The boys continue to do this growing up thing on me and don't seem to care whether or not I am o.k. with it. :)

*The first pic is of Aunt Kim with her Eli. Kim would go feed, rock, sing to Eli when Alex came home from the NICU b/c I was unable to go up during the day. I was so grateful to know that someone was holding him for me when I wasn't able to.

**The second pic is Kim's daughter Amanda with Alex. I am sure she would appreciate me saying that this was her school's spirit week and that she typically dresses differently. :) But doesn't she look cute?

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