Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What's next?

I think I heard communication between the boys tonight. I was changing Alex when I heard him say "hey, Eli" or something like it and as I was processing what he was saying Eli peaked his head around the corner and said "yeah?". They carry on forever in their rooms after their nap and I wonder what they are saying and laughing at but this was the first time they "dumbed it down" for Mommy. Yesterday they also gave each other a big kiss. We hold them up to each other and say "kiss your bubby" but they usually put their faces up to one another. This was an actual smack on the lips. It was SO precious! I love that I get to be around for this stuff. I truly live a blessed life. I look forward to every day just to see what is next. What could these boys possible throw at me (literally and figuratively)? Here are some of their recent big boy accomplishments. Alex is actually whistling in this picture. Eli and Alex, both push their trucks, cars and buses around. It just looks so grown up doesn't it???

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