Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Playdate for the Boys

The boys had such a fun day Friday. I called Missy to see if Colin, Celia and Olivia could come over and play with the boys and after I twisted her arm ;) she had them here within the hour. I am not sure why 5 kids suddenly became easier than my dear 2 children but I promise they did. Alex was being especially clingy and I wasn't getting a thing done so I thought distraction would be great and truth be told I miss my nieces and nephews. When the boys are sick I don't see my sisters and their kids much, which is both necessary and a bummer all rolled into one. I had fun laughing at the funny things they had to say. The are truly open books :) Celia wanted to go for a walk with the wagon and Colin only wanted to go if he didn't have to walk. I told them that it would probably be too difficult to pull all of them in the wagon but Celia insisted it was possible and let me tell you when she is determined that something is going to happen IT DOES! She has that first born determination in her and for me being a second born I find myself admiring this quality in her so I figured I should let her give it a try. Needless to say, she did it and although I volunteered to pull several times she insisted upon continuing. Who am I to complain? I got to relax and just watch them all enjoy one another and I was able to snap a ridiculous amount of pictures too. Big surprise...I know!