Wednesday, March 25, 2009

this week with my boys

I don't have much to blog about but I am feeling the need so here is some randomness:

It's Jared's pseudo-Spring Break (meaning he isn't teaching but he is doing maintenance, landscaping etc., etc., at the school which usually involves more hours than a typical work week).

I watched my sister Missy's kids for a couple of hours this morning because as I am finding out Spring Break for parents isn't really Spring Break it is more like Spring Kids Constantly Around. My friend Mariah made me laugh writing about this very thing here. Every stage of parenting has its challenges that is for sure.

We had a lot of fun with the cousins and as I took pictures of them my niece asked me if I was going to put them on my blog. Of course I will not disappoint so there are some "exciting" pics at the end of this rambly post.

I had an amazing date with Jared last Friday for our Anniversary and it was SO relaxing. I thought we might both fall asleep at the restaurant. The low lighting coupled with the music and the fact that we weren't telling the boys not to put food in their own hair or each other's was like taking an Ambien.

I made the boys Thomas the Train T-shirts to wear on their 2nd B-day. This, by the way, is their latest obsession/not the show but the books, trains, etc. The show is a bit like watching paint dry, in my opinion, and well we just don't use the word "cheeky" much in the Big D! :)

The t-shirts don't match the Sesame Street plates that they picked out which in all honesty bothers me a tad but they will be thrilled to have a "character" birthday, matching or not. I will let go (b/c it is a small family party)!

Took a nice walk with Jared and the boys when he got home from work which was refreshing.

Talked to my friend Jenell on the phone for a while and enjoyed talking and laughing with her. On a side note: Jenell is a friend that I was out of touch with for about 10 years and when she hunted me down via facebook (I don't have an account but she found me through friends) we discovered that we both had twin boys. How crazy is that?? Hers are about 10 months old though and she breezed through the twinfant stage which is more than I can say for this momma, let me tell you.

My dear friend Heidi is doing well and did not go through emergency surgery yesterday which is something only insiders will understand but I have never been so happy for a Dr.'s mis-information I truly thank God for it.

Hung out with my sisters and ALL of our children this week. We haven't done this in a while and I have to say I left feeling refreshed which must mean either I have mellowed OR the kids are just getting older and it was a bit easier. I am pretty sure it is the latter.

I snagged a free Step 2 picnic table for the boys. I must say it is U.G.L.Y but with a little paint it will be as good as new and I was hoping to buy one this summer so this was a huge SCORE for Mom.

As far as the boys are concerned I am pretty sure that Eli thinks Alex's name is eye-I (translation Li-Li pronounced Lie-lie which is actually Eli's nickname). Oy, not sure how that happened.

Alex feels that it is his personal responsibility to watch out for Eli and will yell his name LOUDLY if he is out of his line of vision. He does this in the backyard (funny) and in the library (studying patrons don't find this that funny).

I believe they have started a bit of "twin speak" with one another. Eli babbled something recently and Alex responded which was pretty funny. They were also chanting something in unison on our walk yesterday. Twins speak apparently is just one twin copying the others immature speech thereby making it seem like their own "language".

We went to story time on Tuesday and Eli only stole the letter of the day off of the board twice (improvement).

I guess that is the run down of our week thus far.

Here are those pics I promised Celia! They were watching Ratatouille (for about 5 minutes).


Liz said...

Happy belated Anniversary.
Quite a busy week you have had! I am with you on the Thomas thing--it's so boring although they haven't watched any yet. I only bought the trains last week and we have 3 books. My nephew was heavily into Thomas so I know what it's all about.

Following Him said...

Happy belated Anniversary :) Glad you were able to be dare I say it *alone.* Alex and Eli are so cute! Glad you all are having a great week :) I also agree that Spring Break does wonders on a parent's appreciation for their kids' teachers at school too!

Mariah said...

OH MY WORD!!! I forgot your Anniversary!!!! I suck.

Kids watching a movie for about 5 minutes? Classic. I still can't believe how long Livy's hair is getting.

I love twins and how they communicate to each other. I love YOUR twins and how freaking cute they are!

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

Such cute pics! I remember the days of Thomas the TRain. My middle son was absolutely OBSESSED with Thomas for at least 3 years. We probably have a small fortune's worth of trains. Gotta love it.

Becky said...

Thanks for the Happy Anniversary wishes! As far as Thomas goes we are trying to determine when to spend our small fortune. We are starting with small train sets and plan to work up to the investment around Christmas time when family members can chip in on the investment ;) I figure if we all make a small train purchase we should be able to swing it!