Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Who's Your Daddy?

Well, according to my sweet, son Eli, this is:

and this picture below is: (yep, that's Jesus)

Also Snook from "It's a Big Big World" (He's a large sloth on the show if you are not familiar. I should mention that Jared is FAR from a sloth.).

Yes, Eli has gotten to that point where men are all Daddies and women are Mommies. Older men are all Papa and so on and so forth. So far the "Mommies" have all been VERY attractive women. So I have lucked out. I am sure at some point the reverse will be true and I will be some female equivalent of the sloth but for now I am cute little birds and pretty women. I like this kid!!!

On a completely unrelated note the weather here is gorgeous today. It is 65 which is 20 degrees above our average. I took a beautiful, long walk with my boys and my 80 year old neighbor. It wasn't exactly heart pumping, to say the least, but it took about an hour and it has to be good for us to get out and breathe in that fresh air. My dear friend Stephanie called and asked me to go on a run with her this evening. I am a tad nervous but said I would give it a whirl. We ran together PT (pre-twins) and completed and 8K with my sister. Stephanie is my friend who has 5 kids, home-schools one of them, leads a bible study in her spare time AND just completed "Power 90 X". To put this in perspective I sit on my couch and watch the infomercials for this particular work-out and laugh at how ridiculously impossible it looks. Yeah, the run should be great! :) J/K Steph, I love ya! My goal is to make it one lap around the park jogging (what I do CANNOT be called running) and I will be a happy girl. I'll let you know!

Eli and Alex with their actual Daddy. And while he is not "Jesus" :) he is a wonderful father and husband and I have been married to him for SIX years on Saturday!

The above picture is of our first day home together as a family. Eli had just been released from the NICU after his 3 month stay and we were all finally under one roof. Praise God! These pictures of our first few hours home with them still melt my heart and I am sure they always will. As I am sure every NICU parent knows one of the hardest parts of their stay has to be the first day you leave the hospital without them. You aren't loading them into carseats for the first time. You didn't nervously drive them home like you had always envisioned. And then you come home to a nursery that you have been planning for several months with your arms empty, your heads full of doubt and your hearts unbelievably heavy. I cannot explain how much of a blessing their homecoming day was for us. I am so thankful God gave us these boys! Wooo, I got a bit more sidetracked than I had planned but their 2nd b-day is coming up and I have been thinking about their birth SO much. :) Bear with me for the next month or so!


Patricia said...

Too funny! Ava and Jake also call many different men dada!

Stephanie said...

You are going to do great!! I call myself a runner, but we all know that "jogger" is more accurate! I am looking forward to it! btw, were your boys ever that small. How precious!

Liz said...

I totally understand the nostalgia about their birthdays. It takes on a different meaning for preemie moms.

Too funny about the animals, Little People and Jesus being daddy. LOL