Sunday, March 15, 2009

Queen of Procrastination!

Yes, that is me. I have had the photo "issue" (for lack of a better word) hanging over my head for quite some time. I tend to be the type that needs a plan and if I am unsure about what to do I just DON'T. Unfortunately, this means that a lot of things get pushed back and then sometimes it means that I do them quickly to get them finished and it is not what I'd imagined. This is not one of my favorite things about myself but it is something I have learned to accept while pushing towards changing it. If that even makes a bit of sense. I guess as "they" say "knowing is half the battle".

So today I sit down to upload pics for our albums and realize that after last year, when I ordered about 600 photos and SWORE I would NEVER do that again, I have DONE THAT AGAIN! I haven't developed pictures in a year. Literally! And as you can see I am taking the time to blog about it which means I am, again, procrastinating. See isn't it lovely this self realization stuff? The improvement that I did make from last year is that as I upload my pictures onto my computer I have been editing them. This will save me a ton of time and I am glad that I didn't procrastinate on that particular task. I also backed up my photos (actually Jared did) and there is no danger of them being lost which is a huge relief and something that was looming over me until it was completed.

My next step after completing our family album is creating one for each of the boys' first year. It will be just of themselves for them to have some day. I got this idea from another twin mom Laura. She also makes her blog into a book as a keepsake (
great tutorial here) which is my final project after completing the others that I have mentioned. My goal is to accomplish this by 2010. I am not kidding. I am trying to be realistic. Sure I could say by Summer but I'd be lying! :)

Ok, back to uploading millions of photos. BTW if anyone would like to confess how behind they are on pics or how disorganized, etc. in order to make me feel better leave a comment or if you have a great system that will make me feel worse but will give me some inspiration share that too! :)


Rachael said...

i hear you! i am wonderful at taking the pictures, but terrible at printing. i think it has been over 4 years since i have printed my pictures. seriously?

Becky said...

Thanks Rachel! I love to hear that I am in good company!

Liz said...

I'm with you. I have thousands but haven't printed many. Still have no albums for these kids but I have backed up my pictures!!

Patricia said...

I am with you as well. I am horrible about even uploading pictures from camera to computer. I wish I was more organized!