Friday, March 6, 2009

Wow, it's only noon!

The boys had a fun filled morning this morning (kind of). It was meant to be fun filled anyways. It started with the usual: breakfast, breathing treatments and then I attempted the painting. As I said yesterday I planned on making the dinosaur but then I remembered that I need to get their party invitations out and I don't need many so I thought that I would have the boys make their own. Little did I know that they would HATE it. It is never the same as when you plan it in your mind, is it? They liked the painting with brushes part but hated dipping their hand in the paint and doing hand prints. It was actually comical as I tried to convince them "this is fun", "Isn't this fun?", "See, you put your hand in the paint, FUN!" I am still surprised. These are the same boys who later the same morning played in the back yard and got so filthy that they needed a bath immediately. Hmmm, toddlers they keep you guessing. Here are some pictures from the morning. We didn't finish the invitations but I hope to tomorrow with Daddy's help. Tomorrow they may absolutely LOVE it and be the next Jackson Pollock. Who knows?

Oh, were you talking to me when you kept repeating "don't put the paint in your hair"? This child has the innocent look down pat.

Pre-dipping hand in paint trauma


Here is a funny picture from last night's girls night out. My sister brought her sweet new baby and this was her response to all the talking. So funny!

Girls night was a lot of fun, as usual. The boys weren't excited about Mommy leaving and I felt a little guilty until I got in the car and put on my own music and hit the open road (as open as it gets in the burbs)! Ahhhh, it was lovely!


Rachael said...

sounds like a fun morning + a fun evening last night. hope the weekend is just as wonderful!

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

Those boys of yours are too funny! You really never know what you're gonna get with unpredictable. And your sister's baby is absolutely ADORABLE! I could eat her up with a spoon! Too cute.

Liz said...

sounds like fun all around! good for you for braving the painting.

monica said...

My boys don't like to get there hands in full paint either! But dirt is wonderful. Very funny. Great pictures!