Friday, March 20, 2009

Aha maybe THAT is the problem?!?

I continue to upload last years pics. It is starting to become like a part-time job and I am wondering if the reason I have so many pictures could possibly be because I took about 30 of them eating yogurt recently??? Hmmm, I will have to further ponder this self-revelation.

Alex currently has ANOTHER virus which led me to feed them from separate spoons (I never usually do this). While giving Alex a bite of yogurt Eli became impatient and grabbed his own yogurt and spoon. He was doing pretty well so I figured, why not? I had fun watching them attempt this. I love the pure concentration that it took for their chubby little paws to grasp the spoon properly and the wonder in their eyes as they realized that they were doing it. I mean, yogurt is tricky for an almost 2 year old.


Liz said...

hahaha..I love it! Are they on a bib revolt? I would never have let them do that without a bib! My two love to feed themselves applesauce.
good luck with the uploading. I have yet to start.

Becky said...

No bib revolt but their good ones were in the wash and I "planned" to feed them. That is a great example of how "plans" work with toddlers :)