Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Is it possible to hack up a lung?

I think Alex is giving it a go. Poor guy he is struggling. He was the little boy in the waiting room today that you didn't want NEAR your children because it sounded as if he had whooping cough (I'm not even sure what that is.) or something equally wonderful. I was good (with my sister's help) at keeping him away from the healthy part of the waiting room but I figured everyone else was fair game. I truly didn't sit once. I think this new stage in their development can only help in the weight loss department along with the stomach flu that I just got over. :) (I'm telling you our house should be quarantined.) Luckily, the boys just have viruses and ear infections which was the reason that we all slept for approximately 2 hours last night. They are miserable but it is nothing that some antibiotics and breathing treatments can't conquer and for that I am so thankful. Truly, thankful.

I hate to just post about my sick boys but that is life right now and I thought I'd "keep it real". I have to say that I am so thankful for family and friends that can help out when needed. I've had times of feeling overwhelmed, thinking that I need MORE help, due to various circumstances in my life, but the bottom line is if I am in need someone will pull through. My sister in law came over this morning and just sat and loved on the boys (this was an act of love because as cute as they are they had some scary snotty faces) and kept me sane by talking to me. My sister chased my children all over the waiting room and held them still for the exams. I had planned to go it alone because I am capable but Jared talked me into accepting help if it is offered and I am so glad that I did. It was so much easier with extra support. So there...those are my random thoughts of the day. Bottom line: God provided for me today in the form of sisters! Thanks!

On a side note: These are Eli's new glasses. He thinks he is so cool. In fact, he strutted around the waiting room today and told the other toddlers "I cool". He hates the sun in his eyes so these are his new toy. He calls them his "hat".

In contrast: this is Alex when he is sick. He is a pitiful sight to behold while Eli is still his usual crazy toddler self.

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Patricia said...

Hope everyone recovers quickly...we are in the same boat, sick..with the croup. As hard as life is regularly, it is sooo much harder when they are sick. Yeah for help, we sure do need it sometimes.