Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Alex and Eli's 2008 in a Nutshell
If you are up for some "light" reading each Month (except for January b/c I started the blog in February) links you to the posts from that month in my blog.


They weren't getting around much at this point (8 months old)


Sitting pretty well....going going gone!

Enjoying a Winter/Spring Walk

The month they discovered Baby Einstein DVD's.


Turning one. They definitely had different reactions to the day.

Swimming in Florida.

Swinging with Daddy's hand close by.

Eli came through his surgery beautifully and he also discovered how much fun a cardboard box can be and this Papa guy!


The joy of biter biscuits. Alex is still my messier eater.

They discovered the "world" that is our backyard!

This was on our way home from Greenfield Village on the 4th of July. This is very typical of the boys. Alex sleeps the minute the engines on and Eli wouldn't dare because he might miss something.

August brought with it the discovery of corn on the cob and this fun girl named Alli! I watched her this summer and they all had a blast.

The boys' favorite thing to do with Nana and Papa is sing songs. They sing hymns, nursery rhymes or Barney and put on quite the show.


Alex began to stand unassisted while Eli got a lift from Daddy.

Eli dozed off while reading a good book and Alex began multi-tasking. He thought he would read while getting a work out on his zebra.

December brought with it a stomach virus and Daddy healing from ankle surgery so there was a lot of snuggling going on.

Here's to a New Year!


rachael said...

i think i say this with each year in review i read...but honestly, i cannot believe how much the boys have grown in 12 short months! love your review!

Liz said...

adorable and I might have to copy your idea if you don't mind.

Becky said...

Please do I copied it from a twin blog I read and she copied it from one, who copied it from another and so on and so on.

monica said...

That is a great review of the year!! The boys have diffently grown over the year!