Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Early Mornings!

One of my resolutions was to get up about an hour before the boys wake and get things done (the main thing I wanted to do was read my bible). My eventual goal is to even squeeze in a work-out. I actually did today but that is only because Jared had to be up extra early (I will not speak of the hour. It is just not right!) and I couldn't go back to sleep. Anyways, don't be impressed because the boys have begun to sleep until 8 which means normally (not today) I am only getting up by 7am. It is not that early. I avoided it for so long because after the whirlwind that is infancy I reveled in sleeping until what was 7:15 and has since become 8 a.m. I felt as if it was the pat on the back God was giving me for the countless feedings, changings, etc., etc., etc., and actually I have NO guilt about that. That stage was awesome. Now, however I am actually sleeping at night (usually) and I have the energy to wake up. I am not seeing a downside to my "early" rising yet. (I know some of you are laughing at 7 being early. My husband works with some older men that get up and to work by 4 A.M.) So, as of day 3, (I know impressive, right?)the house is quiet, my coffee tastes amazing when it is hot and not re-heated in the microwave 10 times eventually to be left untasted and thrown into the sink. Mama is happy and it is great. I just hope their sleeping until 8 continues and that I can push towards....gulp!....6:30a.m. I am not going to push too hard though. Lets not get crazy.

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Stephanie said...

That is what I need to do, but I hate early mornings!! I am a night owl! I guess I need to "change my routine." Maybe, I will give it a try. :) At least I will know that I am not the only person getting up early.