Tuesday, January 27, 2009

No soup for you!

Yes, I am posting about making soup but not because I want to brag and seem all "Martha Stewart" like but because I enjoy a good laugh at myself from time to time. OK AND I want to brag because I MADE SOUP!!! My friend Heidi laughs at me because I tell her that soup intimidates me. I am not kidding. It just seems like a LOT of work. Today as I embarked on this journey I went in with an open mind and lots of vegetable to chop. One hour later (I'm not the best chopper and I tend to lose some blood when doing so, therefore, I thought it best that I go slowly) I was ready to START. Besides I had to wash, take off the skins (potatoes and carrots) and chop. Sheesh!

I should back up a bit and say that I decided to double it because that's what Kate does. Who is Kate???? You know my girl, Kate Gosselin (Jon & Kate Plus 8)! Well, she takes a day and makes LOTS of soup so I thought "I can do that!" (Note: her soup involved boiling chicken carcasses and let's just say I will NEVER do that. I think maybe this is why she can be a little ...hmmm? what the word?... "high strung" I mean who does that?? OK I know a lot of people do this but let me re-iterate as for me and my house: NEVER!) Anyways when deciding to double I didn't think about the size of stock pot I would need. Let's just say that now I will be boiling 1/2 of the ingredients and then the other 1/2 which will probably add another 45 minutes. I figure when I am done I will have spent a day making 1 soup while I am pretty sure Miss Kate made enough for an army and has some left to freeze. Oh well live, learn and buy Progresso!

"Houston, we have a problem!" This is 1/2 of the ingredients.

Seriously I am excited to see how it turns out and I got bread bowls today at the grocery store which will make the soup even better. By the way, I actually DO make meals for my family almost nightly but prep work is scary for me! Just wanted to clear that up. Off to boil more soup!

Here is how it turned out.

Also in hindsight I now know why Kate made that much soup but when cooking for a family of four there is NO need to double it. I have enough left-over cheesy potato soup for 5 additional meals AT LEAST and I am not sure that throughout this winter I will want it that many more times! So I learned some things and now that it is all behind me (except for the blender that STILL has cheddar cheese stuck to it after soaking all night). I will make this once per year and that is only because Jared loves it. Part of the reason I am resistant to prep work, by the way, is because this is what my children are doing while I cook.


Liz said...

oh my! Yeah, that's why I don't make soup either!

Liz said...

aw..happy 21 months! Better get on the party planning.
I love how you have the boys trained in helping you clean.