Friday, January 30, 2009

My Day in Pics

This morning before the boys woke I was making my bed and discovered this:

In case you can't tell in the first pic take a look at the one below

I have a headless "twin".

Do you think the boys are trying to send one another "a message" like the horse head? Maybe I have seen "The Godfather" one too many times but this made me laugh once I got over the fact that my figurine was ruined.

The rest of my day consisted of watching the boys play with my sweet nephew Jackson. Look at all this chubby goodness! I miss when the boys had all that chub.

And now as the boys sleep I am making and laminating (b/c I am a dork and wanted a laminator for Christmas) colors for the boys to learn.

That's my day on this pleasant Friday. I am looking forward to a weekend with Jared and the boys. If anyone has suggestions about what they are teaching their almost 2 year olds let me know because I have no idea where to start.


Small House said...

What sweet boys. Enjoy, they grow so fast.

Have a great day.

monica said...

Oh no about the figurine. Is there any way to fix it?

I know that body parts were the first thing we taught them, and then moved on too abc's and colors. They really didn't start to catch onto the abc's closer to two and now they say them pretty good at 2 1/2. Chase knows his colors good and we are still working on them with Cody. I really like your laminated color sheets...very clever!

Becky said...

Small House~ Thanks, I feel like they already are growing too fast :)

Monica~ I forgot to mention that we actually have another set. :) The boy know their body parts pretty well and sing their abc's although most of it is difficult to understand they just kind of know the tune and throw in several of the actual letters. We will definitely continue to work on those things though. Thanks!!!

Mommyof3 said...

I made cards like those for Drew to learn her colors as well. Although I went to Kinkos to laminate them. I put pictures of family members on one side. The girls loved it and then when they would see out of town family members they would know their names. It was also nice to put the ones with our pictures on them in the diaper bag for while we were away.


Becky said...

Valerie~ That is a good idea. Hope all is well!