Sunday, January 18, 2009

Alex & Eli's 2009 Winter Survival Guide

We have been stuck in the house with our Mommy for 6 straight days. We figure that other children are enduring this same type of isolation which prompted us to right this survival guide. May it serve you as it has us.


Alex and Eli

We are not sure why Mommy let us play with rice but (listen carefully) DO NOT ask questions! When cabin fever gets the best of Mommies they may let you get away with stuff like this. It was a lot of fun and afterward she may chase you with the vacuum which is an added bonus.

"This one is not for amateurs but an experienced milk drinker like me can pull this off." Eli

Play peek-a-boo with the place mats.

Invite your cousin over and get messy. Throw peas and carrots around. (Note: Mommy didn't enjoy this one and we got a lot of stern "no, NO's" but we feel it was worth it.

Make forts with your Daddy. It takes him longer to put up than you will want to play in it but he doesn't mind. Daddies are cool like that!

We recommend that you throw this one in after the pea and carrot throwing because Mommies love it. They even scour stores after you do this looking for brooms and dust pans of your very own. I am telling you everyone wins here.

Last but not least, close yourself into a cabinet or two. (Warning: Brothers may close the cabinet on you when you don't want them to. Don't worry though Daddy or Mommy will save you.


monica said...

Looks like boys you have had yourself a good time even though you can't go ouside. The fort thing is big in our house.

Have you tried the edible playdough? Maybe they would like that?

Liz said...

adorable and I might try that rice box idea!

Becky said...

Monica- Edible play dough??? I must investigate further. Good Idea!

Liz-It is a BIG mess. I am going to buy dry beans and do it again but the rice thing was very "flingable" meaning Eli flung it all around the room.

Mommyof3 said...

Hey Becky:)

It's Valerie Pfeifer. You gave me your blog address back in October and I'm finally checking it. Love seeing the boys and hearing stories.

We have a hot pink broom and dust pan we got at Ikea for like $2.oo it's for adults but the kids love it and it comes in many other colors.

We also have Crayola Window Markers which come in handy on the days your in the house. We use our sliding doors as one big drawing board:)

Becky said...

Hey Val! How are you? Thanks for stopping by and thanks for those ideas! I am definitely going to try those. You gotta love IKEA.