Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Am I an "older" parent???

I think I am! At story-time today I started talking with another mommy and I mentioned where my husband teaches and that my sisters and I graduated from there yada, yada. I told her that week after week I kept thinking she looked familiar. She mentioned the school she went to . This is where it gets interesting.

Me (presumably young mommy): We probably played sports against one another!

Other Mommy: Probably, what year did you graduate?

Me: 1994

Other Mommy: *chuckles* Oh no!

At this point my older sister Mindy and I must have been arrogantly thinking the same thing, she must be older, due to her chuckle and my sister quickly chimes in with:

Mindy: Oh well I graduated in 1991!

Mean (did I say that?) other Mommy: *chuckle* Oh, no, no I graduated in 2000.

Hmmmm! Isn't that special??? I awkwardly laughed with her and said "Oh well maybe you played against our younger sister". Yeah, that must be it.

So that is my lesson in humility for the day :) I am just kidding it was actually funny to me and Mindy and I had a good laugh about it later. I guess being 32 doesn't make me a young mom. It is just a weird realization because I think as you age you kind of forget that you are getting older. For instance my younger sister just turned 30 (Happy birthday Missy!) and it was like this realization that I realized "oh, that means I am no longer 30". Kind of funny!


Mariah said...

Okay, girl. You are still young! Clay is in my class this year! HELLO!!! You aren't supposed to be teaching your own child! That's only for Vickie Shirlen!! HA!

Be GLAD that she thought you were a 2000 grad. I still get looks when with my kids like I was a teen mother because they think I am mid 20's! Hello!! But I love it, cuz then I get to see their shock to find out that I am 35! "You're 35? You look so young!" It's my own perverted Fountain of Youth!!! I use it to my advantage as often as I can.

Becky said...

Mariah, I like your spin on it!!! Thanks :) AND I cannot believe Clay is in your class. That does make me feel old!

Stephanie said...

We are not old!! At least not yet. We have young kids running around and keeping us on our toes. That keeps us young!