Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Big Boys!

Alex and Eli are doing so many things lately that make me realize that they are big boys. We retired their high chairs last week and they are now in booster seats. We had travel high chairs but I am still glad to see the bulky things go. I was not prepared however for them to be able to reach everything on the table during dinner. You definitely have to be a step ahead of these boys.

They also got cute new toothbrushes from Aunt Kim and they love them. They actually cry at night because they want to take the toothbrush to bed with them. Before this I was using the ones that you put on your own finger and brush with so I think the fact that after I brush their teeth they get to do it is thrilling for them.

Alex is still loving his big brother role and comforted Eli when he was having his diaper changed by bringing him an alligator this weekend. I mean what ailments aren't solved with a rubber alligator? :) Alex who's speech is a little behind chatty Eli has come a long way in the past week. He very clearly says "apple" and "I gonna get you!" I was really surprised by the phrase.

Eli has begun to state that the "S says SSSSSSS". He has decided, however, that he no longer wishes to stand and walk. He won't even try lately. I guess, he will pick it up again when the mood strikes.

They understand everything we say also. I made the huge mistake of saying the word "outside" before we bundled them up for the elements last week. This meant that Jared and I got them dressed for outside while listening to them wail into our ears. Oy!


Liz said...

yay for growing up! I am researching booster seats now! we really do parallel each other. I hear you about them understanding everything you say and I have made the mistake of saying we were going out and I wasn't ready. No more!! And yes, R&K still cry when we take the toothbrush from them. As for speech, we are still lagging behind there and I am worried.

Liz said...

oh yeah, did they actually keep their food on the plate???? I'm worried about this when I go to a booster seat. It's not happening here yet, at least for Ryan.

Becky said...

Liz~ We found those for $10 at Meijers and they are great. As far as the speech thing I wouldn't stress. Alex seriously just started saying things clearly recently.

Becky said...

We had started using plates on their high chair tray so they had kind of adjusted to keeping the food on but they are still toddlers so it gets a little messy. :) In my opinion though it is easier to clean up than the bulky high chair tray and the chair pad.