Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ahhh, Christmas Break

I told Jared this is his first break, since having the boys, where I feel like I am on vacation too. He is around all morning helping me keep up with the boys and cleaning so by the time they nap I am literally looking around the house and there is little to do. Soooo this week their naps have involved me crawling back into bed with a book, or baking, or watching TV and letting my brain zone out, or taking a ridiculously long shower that involves the hot water running out (I know not very "green" of me but it was only once :) ). Mmmm it has been lovely and I am feeling very well rested and rejuvenated. I know this is what "breaks" our supposed to be but they take on a whole new meaning when you have children.

My google reader account has NO NEW ITEMS. This is a feat in itself because I thoroughly enjoy blog reading but typically squeeze it in when Jared is watching something I am not into and the boys are sleeping which is not that often so I usually have a TON of unread items. So it has been nice catching up with friends and family and just enjoying this new kind of break with my kids who are starting to stir and will be ready for their breakfast. Time to go!

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Liz said...

wow..I just had to catch up on a lot of posts. I swear blogger reader doesn't work for me with your blog. Glad you had a nice holiday and are enjoying time with hubby. Happy New year!