Friday, May 20, 2011

The Things That Are Making Us Happy

The weather is quite nice today and we are thankful. That makes us {happy}.

My sister is have her kitchen remodeled. That makes her {happy}. She and her husband and 3 kids are staying with us. That makes the kids and my sister and I {happy}. The husbands are coping. :)

We keep laughing and calling each other "sister wives" because it has come in really handy to have her prepping meals or loading the dishwasher. Me wiping faces and throwing in laundry. It has its perks let me tell you. :)

The adults have been staying up and playing cards. Euchre, to be exact. My sister and I beat them. Ha! I came out of retirement (seriously had forgotten how to play. It had been YEARS.) and we won. It was AWESOME. They beat us last night though which makes them {happy}.

Here is a rundown of the kids that are currently ALL at our house.

Addie and Ryan are 3 months apart.


Kayla is 2. I was on the phone with Jared for 5 minutes and I said "I've gotta go, I don't see Kayla". I found her in my bedroom eating TUMS. Thankfully, she is fine. You can't take your eyes off of her.


The 3 musketeers are 2 months apart. Alli, Alex and Eli.



Could she be any cuter?


So that is what we are up to. My sister and her family all go home tomorrow. My house is going to feel really quiet and I will miss my sister cooking meals and hanging out with me. The boys are going to be SO bummed that the girls are leaving. But it's always nice to get back to normal. Normal makes me {happy}.

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Liz said...

Sounds like a blast! All the kids together must be having so much fun!