Monday, May 23, 2011



Whether sassy or serious this girl is fun to photograph.

Jared smiles at the fun I have dressing her.

Yesterday he asked "Do you want these sandals on?"


He then asked (while poking fun at me) "If the reason for the hat is to block the sun then why does she need it under the stroller shade?"

"Because she does."

He gets it but that doesn't mean he can't have fun with it. The bottom line was the sandals and the hat completed her outfit. :)

Despite my extreme love for boys and all things boy, this little girl thing is a blast.

Love ya Adds and dressing you for Summer is A LOT of fun!

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KJ said...

Reading this made me laugh; I do that all the time with our little girl. No she doesn't NEED shoes...but yes Mommy wants her to have them! Makes her look more girly...and hats are awesome. They cover the nonexistent hair (and I have a feeling in a few years cover the very messy hair!).