Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I'm 1/2 way there

I'm laying in bed while MK plays with the boys outside. Addie is asleep. I am in bed recovering from my Essure procedure that I had yesterday. Essure is supposed to "ensure" that I don't have any more babies. It is pretty awesome in that I got to the office at 12:45 and left around 3pm. I wasn't in pain just a bit drugged up and today I feel fine I am just a bit sleepy. LOVE that. It isn't so awesome in that it only worked on one side. Yep, I have to do it again.

This was a risk I was aware of but I figured it wouldn't happen to me. Why I thought this I am not sure. Nothing that has to do with this part of my life (i.e. getting pregnant, birthing babies, etc.) has been easy. So now I have to decide my next move.

The first thing I said to Jared while I was still doped up and fresh into the recovery room was "Did it work?" He shook his head no and I began to weep. WEEP. Like, my dog just died, kind of weeping. I blame the drugs partially but I admit to being really bummed that I have to coordinate all of this again. I laugh now that I completely lost it. The poor nurse, although I am sure she understands. They know I have had 3 preemies and I know my ob was probably turning cartwheels when he heard I was having the procedure done.

Ok enough of that. I have been having fun with my new camera and since I have time I will upload and post some of thos pictures.




I plan to post more pics of the boys soon. Alex REALLY like to ham it up for the camera.


LauraC said...

Lovely photos!

Liz said...

Your pics are awesome! What kind of camera did you get? they are so crisp and clear. Sorry the procedure didn't work- i was thinking of having this done as well. Sorry I have not read your blog/much less any blog in a long time. I missed your writing and glad I've gotten caught up!