Sunday, May 22, 2011


amazing weekend

Jared went and got the boy's swingset from our old house

they were pretty pumped

Picnik collage

Jared makes this EXACT same face when he is working on a project


YO Adrienne!!!!


(Sorry, I grew up on Rocky Movies)

So I'm wondering would it be wrong to ask that these kids NEVER grow up?

Like, could she always be small enough to bathe in the sink?


And could he always fit on Daddy's shoulders and think that, that is the. best. place. on earth?


And could he always eat ice cream with such abandon??


Ok, maybe not that last one. The poor kid would NEVER get a date. :)

Yeah, I am pretty sure I have no choice but to let them grow up. Sob.

I told you it was random.

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