Sunday, May 15, 2011

Moths to a flame

I have to laugh at the boys and their reaction to Jared's phone. He has had it for almost a year now and they have their favorite "apps". They are big fans of angry birds and cut the rope. They BEG Jared to play games on it. Poor guy. :)

After a year he is definitely still loving it, although I haven't had to refer to it as his mistress in a while which means some of the newness has wore off. Thank goodness.


I love Alex's eyes in the pic below.

I also love that I caught an example of what it is like to read a book to twins. You have to constantly remind them that you cannot see through their heads. :)


And while these picture are really cute we have MUCH bigger news in our household.

Bigger than the iphone you ask.........


Addie is sitting for long periods of time with control ALL BY HERSELF! Yay!

yay adds

Still no hair but the girl ROCKS the bald look. In her Mom's opinion anyway. :)

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Janna said...

Gah! Addie is SO cute! Love the big girl sitting up pic. She's so adorable!