Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Eli the talker

The past couple of days here have been PERFECT napping days. Typically I don't nap when the kids nap. Since Addie I have gotten over the guilt of it and try it from time to time. I tend to get frustrated when the boys seem to not sleep on the days that I decided to rest. Anyways, Eli, my sweet son doesn't turn off the talking during rest time. He goes on and on and on. Today while feeling a bit frustrated with my child who doesn't understand the word QUIET I also thought of all of his sweet little boy qualities that I love.

The boy LOVES a good
almost as much as he loves is Teddy bear....
almost as much as he loves a good kitchen dance party and his brother and
and then of course there is the dirt that he refers to as his garden.
He loves Winnie the Pooh and Rabbit gardens therefore Eli gardens. His favorite character though is T I double G RRRRRRRRR, as he says.

I love this guy chattiness and all. What I do not love are how long and lanky those legs are getting. He is growing up SO fast.

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