Monday, August 2, 2010

A Visit With My Girl

baby girl

sleepy head

I had such a nice visit with my Addie girl today. It is always a nice visit actually. It was hard to leave her. I miss her and want her home although I know she is better off there for now. Little miss weighs a whopping 2 lbs. 8 oz. now. She is taking 24 cc's and as of this morning is maintaining her body temperature without assitance from the isolette. She should be in a "crib" tomorrow if her temps continue to be normal. It really feels like it is going fast and I predict that she will be home in a few weeks as long as the weight gain and feeding keep going in the direction that they are.


Emily said...

awesome progress! buying clothes for our little one was always a ton of fun too, so I completely understand! we could only put EC in clothes for a few weeks and she started growing like a weed once we got home so she was in 0-3 months before we knew it. She just keeps growing and i find myself constantly going through her closet full of clothes! haha!


Andrea said...

Precious! She is beautiful!

Crazy About My Boys said...

Awww!! She is just so precious! I love the close up picture of her!! So happy you had a great day with your daughter!!

Liz said...

so glad things are going so smoothly. Love, love, love the pics of the boys peering at their little sis.

Anonymous said...

you can definately see that she has gained a little bit in her face - what a pretty girl! we continue to remember you in prayer, Becky.


Stephanie said...

Such a sweet picture. She looks great. So proud of her for gaining weight. Go Addie! I found her some cute outfits on vacation. I couldn't resist them. Talk to you soon :)