Thursday, August 12, 2010

Change is good, right?


A lot of changes have been happening for our Addie girl. She changed pods, sleeping arrangements and her bottle feedings all in the last few days. She isn't sure if she likes all this change and has been telling us by being REALLY lazy about her bottle feedings. This of course worries Mom and I have spent the past few days feeling pretty anxious. I try to remind myself who is in control (God..not Addie) and that Addison will do what she needs to do when it is right.

As for the changes she has graduated from an isolette to a "crib". I mentioned a while ago that she would be graduating however they waited until this past Tuesday to take her out of the isolette. They didn't see the need to take her out until she got closer to leaving. Preemies burn calories when moving to a crib and dealing with the change and that is not something you want a 2 lb (now 3 lb. 3 oz.) baby to do. We agreed with them and didn't want to rush the process.

Here are her new digs. Please pray that she will take all her feeds from a bottle soon because we miss her when she is not in our arms but knowing she still needs to be there and that she is in good hands is also a great comfort that we are thankful for.

her new bed

Addie in her big girl crib.

nicu lessons

Addie in her isolette (before she graduated to a crib) with a little NICU lesson. :)


Liz said...

She looks like she is pretty cozy in her new bed. Being out of the isolette is a good thing. She will get the hang of feeds soon, don't worry.

Janna said...


Love the labels on the isolette pic. Really sweet that she has her brothers' animals!