Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Score 1 for Mom!

I surprised the boys this morning and told them we were going to the yellow park (as they call it). I scored big when we got there and it was fire safety day. This means there was a big fire truck and fire hoses. I saw the fireman putting kids in the truck but they all had on matching t-shirts and were from a city daycare program so I wasn't sure if we would be able to swing it. I happened to have my camera (shocking, I know) so I apologized for crashing and asked if the boys could hop in. He said that this was a fire safety program open to the city and the boys were welcome to "drive". They were thrilled and this is where I scored big, unfortunately it does not end there.

fire truck eli

firetruck alex

I was on a roll so I took them over to where the kids were driving motorized red cars. I built it up big and assumed it was also part of the fire safety. I am sure you know where this is going. In the midst of our euphoria I hear "Mam, you need to watch your kids around these cars. This part of the park is closed except to the daycare kids." AHHHH! This led to a bit of a meltdown. This is where mommy lost any points she had gained with the fire truck. Fortunately, we hadn't even begun to play at the park yet so I still had that under my sleeve. It worked and we had a great day.

my boys

I also gained a Mom point when I let them splash in the puddles that the fire hoses were making. I am hoping I evened things out by days end. :)


I discovered today that when you spend most of the summer in bed your kids grow up quite a bit, as shown here.

They both tackled the big slide. Eli actually did it first (although Alex is pictured) which was a REALLY big step.

big slide

and they both climbed this like pros.

big boy li-li

Such a great day with my boys. We even squeezed in a visit to Daddy. I am off to visit Addison this afternoon and she is doing well. She didn't hit 3 lbs last night but should tonight and she is taking a bottle every other feed. Her head ultrasound was clear also. We continue to work on her nursery in all of our spare time *wink, wink.

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Andrea said...

How fun! The boys looked like they had a blast!

Addison looked great! That is awesome news with coming home in 2 weeks!