Friday, August 13, 2010

Home with the boys

I am enjoying a morning home with the boys. I let them "help" me with the dishes which I am pretty sure must be every 3 year old's dream. I love this time with them and yet I am being reminded how difficult motherhood is. When I was on bedrest and in the hospital I thought I would treasure each moment with the boys even if they were at each other's throats and acting crazy I would be the utmost in "calm". Since then reality has hit and I have moments of pure frustration however I am determined to be thankful for this blessing that comes in the form of 2 little 3 year old boys. And to think I am going to add a newborn to the mix. Were we insane? (Don't answer that!):)


love dishes

Alex actually uttered the words "I love helping with dishes". Oh if I could only bottle that enthusiasm and release it when he is about 7 years older!

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Andrea said...

What BIG boys! I am sure they are going to be big helpers with baby sister.