Sunday, August 8, 2010

4 weeks old


Update: Jared just got home and said that Addison is now going to be taking every other feed from a bottle and that she gained another ounce which makes her 2lbs 15 oz. Tomorrow night she may tip the scales @ 3 lbs! So excited!!!!!

Addison has been outside the womb for 4 entire weeks now and she continues to kick NICU butt! :) She is gaining about an ounce a day and took 4 bottles today! YAY! We visited her with the boys and they are more interested in her which is really sweet. Eli just kept saying "awww, she's so cute!" and Alex remarked on her little eyes and hands. I think they will like having her home and so far they are super gentle around her but that could be because Jared and I are hovering very closely.

The big news of the day on the homefront is that they boys are back in the same room. We aren't getting many (or any) bites on selling our home so we bit the bullet and put them back together. Naptime was a bust but so far tonight it is quiet. It is kind of weird because they just seem so grown up now. I just let them have their lamp on for 10 minutes so that they could "read" and when I went back in they were actually just laying there looking at books. Weird?!?

Back to the NICU world: Addison has a head ultrasound tomorrow and we are hoping that there are still no bleeds or cause for concern. This is a standard test done at 7 and 28 days. The Nurse Practicioner thought Addie could be headed home in a couple of weeks if she keeps gaining and takes her bottles well. We are thrilled and praying for her continued NICU success.


Daisy said...

She is lovely! Your boys seem very caring, too.

I love the idea that they'll read in bed. We could never catch my son reading in bed because he didn't need a light on - he's blind, he reads Braille.

Following HIM said...

The boys are already so protective of their baby sister. She is adorable and I love seeing her all wraped up. She is a sweet little miracle and such a fighter!