Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Addison Update

I thought I would do a quick update. Addison, as of last night @ weigh-in, weighs 3 lbs. 10 oz. She has chubby cheeks AND butt cheeks. Non-preemie parents are probably not aware of this because I wasn't pre-NICU but small babies with little to no fat on their bodies have NO butt cheeks. It looks like they have a hole in their lower back until they gain enough fat to get cheeks. So we happily declare that the child has her some cheeks! :)

We continue to wait for her to take all of her feeds from a bottle and we are pretty much out of there. She is still trying to coordinate the suck, breathe and swallow thing which means in the mean time she forgets to breathe while eating. This is a fun experience for a parent, let me tell you. She is much more alert due to her gestational age and leaving her is getting more and more difficult. I hope to have her home VERY soon. Her nursery is almost completely ready and waiting for her. Jared did a great job painting it and putting together the crib (thanks Nani and Papa) last night and I did a bit more today. We just need a baby to put in it! :)


Nikki said...

awww she sounds like she's doing wonderfully! I'm glad she has some cheeks on her! :)

Andrea said...

So happy for you! Wonderful news! Can't wait to see the homecoming pic!

Liz said...

lol at the no cheeks thing. I was shocked when I first saw Kaylie had no butt. So glad she is gaining and doing well. Only a matter of time and she will be with all of you.