Monday, August 23, 2010

6 weeks old


Addison was 6 weeks old yesterday and she weighs 4 lbs. 2 oz. She has turned a corner as of Friday and is taking her bottles better. She still has a way to go but Jared and I are hopeful that she may be home by the weekend.

The boys visited her on Saturday and I am surprised by how much they have warmed up to her, especially Eli. Alex is our lovey boy and he generously gives out hugs and kisses but Eli is a little more reserved. He, however is very generous with Addison. Last night he told me that she needs to come home and she needs that bandaid off of her "mouf". He also said that she needed some chocolate rabbit, Eli's first true love, which, is actually milk with Nesquick in it. :)

We continue to get things in place for her homecoming and pray that her feedings continue to go well.


Andrea said...

Wow...6 weeks! She is too sweet for words.

Liz said...

chocolate rabbit...hee-hee! Go Addison! She is gaining so well. Hoping for her to be with you by the weekend!