Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bath Time

Creative title, I know. I'm tired and Jared worked a forever shift today so here are some pics from today. I gave them their first together bath by myself. Since they've been able to sit well I've been considering this because my dear, sweet, Alex can be a tad demanding (see previous post) and gets a bit impatient when his bath time is over. My fear has always been what do you do with the 2nd child once you get the first out and are dressing him. I am wise enough to know NOT in the bath tub with all of the water.

So here's how I did it as I am sure everyone is DYING to know. (I hope you can "hear" the sarcasm there).

  1. Prepare for bath-Grab wash cloths, towels, diaper, fill tub.

  2. Strip both children down to their diaper and make sure they don't have any "surprises" in there.

  3. Place baby A in tub after removing diaper. Quickly remove baby B's diaper and plop him in.

  4. Ok here's the beautiful part.....let them play and entertain one another until they are pruney or their lips are blue whichever comes first. :) This is wonderful compared to let baby A scream at the top of his lungs behind his baby gate while you try and let baby B have fun so that he will not resent his brother and you for not allowing him the exact same amount of play time in the tub thereby ruining his entire childhood. :) (Sadly enough I have to fight back these type of thoughts. I have to constantly tell myself that it is impossible to make everything completely equal and fair.)

  5. After washing them, begin draining tub, remove baby B (the one who doesn't pull up on the toilet and begin to stir with his hand).

  6. Dry baby B while eyes are also on baby A and then diaper him with lightning speed while still in the bathroom.

  7. Remove baby A throw him in a towel.

  8. Get both babies out of the bathroom and shut the door.

  9. AND......Dress them! Your finished.

Some of you may be laughing at my little accomplishment but hey I gotta blog about something! It was this or the poo story from yesterday so you can thank me now :)


the schirano triplets said...

ok...i am happy to hear that it sounds like bath time together worked fantastic for you! what in the world am i gonna do with a yet another baby when we officially move to the big tub?

Jared & Becky said...

Good question! Ohhhh Lydia....

Seriously though sometimes I feel like two is so manageable. I am sure that 3 presents a bit of a challenge :)

Liz said...

I'm still leery about trying to bathe two at once myself. Kudos to you for doing it! I am actually still using the infant tub. They just lay there. So until they don't anymore, I'm using it!! Thankfully DH is usually home most nights. I only had to do it baths by myself once and they were young, so I could use the exersaucer. Yay for you!!

Harris Boys said...

hahah thanks for the bath story and not the poop I got in a good routine with the boys, but once they became mobile, its gotten harder. they can now climb in a out so that makes it very challenging!

Linda98ny (nestie) said...

I feel like I should write this down for when we start!! lol

Carrie & Brook said...

My boys are almost 17 months and I have yet to do the bathtime routine by myself since moving them into the big tub a LONG time ago. We have our little routine down pat when both my husband and I are at home...but, I am too scared to do it by myself. Because just like you said, what do you do with the second kid while you're getting him dressed???

Thanks for the tips as I will be implementing them in a few short weeks...Brook will be gone for a week, then after that, he'll get a taste of solo-bathtime because I'm leaving for 5 days!


Jared & Becky said...

I wish you the best Carrie! A week alone...double yikes. :)