Friday, March 28, 2008

The Adventures of Alex and Eli

a.k.a. Pee Pee McGee and his accomplice. This morning while changing a stinky diaper and prepping the boys for their glorious morning nap Alex decided to pee straight into the air. Any mother of boys knows this is a common occurence but this was actually pretty funny because he was quite pleased with himself and laughed at the stream of pee that he made. So I decided rather than wait to bathe him when Grandma and Grandpa come over I would get his bath out of the way and then bathe Eli while they were here. While I am running, now, naked boy's bath he peed on the wood floor. As I notice the pee puddle Eli is crawling into it. It was like slow motion and I was powerless to stop it in time. So I declared "Bath Time for All". So here are some pics from our adventure filled morning. Note that Eli plays quietly while Alex bathes and then note the pic at the end. Once patient Alex is no longer happy. Enjoy our little slice of mayhem.
Alex splashing away! (Could this have been his plan all along???)
Eli loves his exersaucer and I love it for baths!

Sweet, patient (see pic below) Alex waiting for his brother to finish his bath.

Eli Loves His Baths!

He definitely has a Mick Jagger thing going on here! His "patience" doesn't last long ;)


amy said...

The boys never cease to make me laugh! I can't even look at the picture of Eli in the tub without cracking up! You seriously have to have the patience of Job because whenever Grant peed everywhere it made me crazy. I can't imagine needing two 'peepee teepee's'! I love your blog and being able to 'see' the boys and your adventures helps when I don't get to see you guys for awhile. By the way, I have blog questions...I'm ready to delve deeper :) Also, Mindy said there is a type of diaper you don't like and I wondered what brand it was. Miss you guys a bunch! I want to come visit soon. Love ya, Amy

BoufMom9 said...

OH! Your boys are so cute!
Hope you don't mind...I saw you posting on some of the other twin mommys' blogs that i read and decided to peek.
I'm a twin mom too. I have b/g twins who are almost 18 months.
Your boys are just ADORABLE! Love this blog entry. :)