Thursday, June 5, 2008

Memories that I am afraid will get lost in the corners of my mind (aka "mommy brain")

Alex 2 months old and now. I just wanted an excuse to revisit their sweet tiny baby pictures.

Eli 2 months old and still in NICU and now. (It was so hard to leave him there. God gives you the grace when you need it though b/c now I think "I could NEVER do that".)

Speaking of "mommy brain".....back to the point :) I wanted to jot down a few of the things the boys are doing and have done lately before I forget.

*Alex can be a bit difficult at night with his bottle. He is not ready to slow down and relax therefore when I am alone I will finish with Eli and then hold Alex and attempt to get him to finish his bottle. Last Saturday this is what was taking place but Eli wanted to be held also. While I had both in my lap Eli discovered Alex's belly button. He just kept poking at it and trying to grab it while Alex giggled away because it tickled. It was really sweet and I definitely don't want to forget Eli's pure wonder at his brother's tummy :)

*They've begun to chase each other down the hallway and laugh harder than I have ever heard them laugh. Half of the time Eli giggles and slithers (still prefers this method to crawling) across the floor and has to stop and keep checking to see if Alex is still coming because typically Alex will lose interest part way through the chase.

*They are starting (VERY slowly) to take food with more texture BUT there are still times when they look at me and make a face as if I just put gravel into their mouths.

*Alex is not a morning person but Eli is which means Alex spends his morning kind of crabby lately. He prefers to be held while I make bottles which is working now that I just pour milk from the gallon into a bottle and heat it. When I had to shake up the formula he would wail because I finally realized it was easier to set him down and listen to the scream rather than juggle two bottles, a baby, keep an eye on Eli and attempt to mix the formula. Did I mention how great it is just to pour the milk?? OK sorry but these little changes make my life so much easier.

*I've begun putting each of them to bed with a book which almost immediately stops them if they are fussing. It is cute because they just settle in and look as if they are about to enjoy an old favorite. Meanwhile they are "reading" it upside down and backwards.

*Eli is pulling up to his knees and Alex decided to crawl a whole flight of stairs at Aunt Mindy's. He may have known how to do this for a while but we live in a ranch where the only stairs lead to the black hole.....I mean, basement.

I will probably add to these as I think of more but that's it for now.

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Liz said...

too funny...I just posted about being formula free and how great it is! Great idea to jot all this stuff down. Things I would probably forget.