Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Father's Day Honey!

Jared you know that I think you are an amazing father and I am forever telling people how I could not do this parenthood thing without you but I wanted to take a minute and list all of the things that make you the Daddy that you are:)

  • You were the only parent who could see and touch our babies for 2 days and I never doubted that you were capable.
  • You loved them and were so great about being around them even when it hurt. I didn't even want to look at them sometimes and see how they were struggling. I remember I was nervous to be by their isolette without you. You stood next to me and encouraged me to talk to them and touch them. For that I will forever be grateful.
  • You also took a lot of pictures of them (see it was you in the beginning) in the NICU those first few weeks and showed them to anyone and everyone who would look. I hated to see the pictures at first but you never felt that you were just proud of your boys.
  • You called and checked in on them as much and sometimes more than I did. I remember being at the NICU with them and the nurse calling out "Dad's on the phone."
  • You taught me how to read each machine in my drug induced fog post-birth so that I could relay ALL the information back to you when you went back to work. Some of the nurses would even make me write it down because they knew you wanted specifics. They were always on your side :)
  • You forced me to open up two swings, two bouncers, two quilts, when I was afraid to because Eli was so sick.
  • You kiss the boys and tell them you love them all the time.
  • You endure the silly shows that they like.
  • You survived the first 6 months when you worked and then came home and worked harder :)
  • Last week you asked me if I had read the article in "Parenting Magazine" about raising a confident child.
  • You didn't gloat (too much) when their first words were da da and now that Eli says Dad-dee as clear as a bell.
  • You can make them let out huge belly laughs that are infectious.
  • You wouldn't let me order the pictures where the photographer had Alex sit on Eli's back because you said it was demeaning :) I am still laughing about that one!
  • You are an awesome example of what a husband and Daddy should be to Alex and Eli and they are so blessed to have you for a father!

There are truly more reasons than I can list Jared but today on your 2nd Father's Day (1st one with Eli home) please KNOW that you are respected, treasured, loved and adored by Becky, Alex and Eli! We love you!


Harris Boys said...

Becky, what a sweet, heart felt post! Happy father's day to your hubby!!

the schirano triplets said...

awwww, that is so sweet! happy father's day!

Harris Boys said...

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