Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Blog Slacker!

That's me. You know you are neglecting your computer when your Google Reader account has over 50 unread posts and your hotmail account's inbox is over 100 (VERY over) but I have been enjoying the break. Sometimes I get a bit sucked into the computer thing. Had a great morning walking with the boys, Mindy and Allie. We had a nice long walk that has left me with sore arms and legs. It's always a perfect morning when it involves talking with my sisters or friends, Starbucks and shopping. Ahhhhh thank God for these moments to unwind in this crazy life. I do have some pics of the boys refusing my homemade food from Tuesday that I will have to share. That is what I get for attempting to be thrifty. Sometimes I just don't think it is in my blood. On second thought it must be because my sister Molly can shop the clearance racks like nobody's business and Missy knows where chicken is on sale in the entire tri-city area. Hmm I will have to try and find my inner bargain shopper. Jared and I did enjoy the chocolate exhibit at The Henry Ford this past weekend. OK I enjoyed it while he kept the boys happy and kept walking. The rest of the museum had a great section where they separated the different decades and explained what was popular in each. They had and MTV section where you dance in a Cindi Lauper video that was pretty funny and NO we didn't. They also had a Rubik's Cube and Simon along with every other thing from our generation. Monday I got together with my family and grilled and just enjoyed being around them. Amanda turned 14 and we had a party on Sunday. (Happy Birthday AMANDA!) That's all that is going on here.


Harris Boys said...

you are a blog glad to hear things are going well, a break is always a good idea. How is your sil and other relative/friend doing?

Jared & Becky said...

Thanks for asking. I highly recommend checking out Angie's blog for details as to how each of them are coping. I know that they continue to need our prayers. Thanks again. How is everyone feeling at your house???