Monday, June 30, 2008

Our Weekend

I thought I would do a recap. Grandma and Grandpa had us over Friday night and it was a perfect beginning to our weekend. We grilled and the boys were showered with lots of fun toys. I think Grandma and Grandpa were gearing up for Christmas or something ;) The boys thoroughly enjoyed playing in the pool nakey. This was a first for them and in typical "guy" fashion they loved it. They also got one of the coolest toys. It is a bubble maker and it makes the hugest bubbles you've ever seen. Jared and I definitely love it more than the boys although they too loved it.

Saturday was Amy and Tim's shower and it went beautifully. We are so looking forward to seeing that sweet baby boy in August (or July). It was such a blessing to hear that they were pregnant and this baby's birth is eagerly anticipated by all of their friends and family. God is so good to us and we do not take this miracle of life for granted. The boys came for a bit and loved all of the attention, of course. After the shower Jared and I decided to try out our new bike trailer. We are very excited about biking as a family and plunked down the cash for a nice bike trailer thinking that it is an investment for our health and will help us reach our goals of losing weight and getting in shape. Having said that.....the ride was an absolute nightmare that involved no less that 4 stops while biking 2 miles tops. The boys are right next to each other and didn't enjoy this. They screamed and cried so sincerely that we were convinced they were hurt. We would stop readjust their safety belts and begin again to no avail. I would add pictures of the biking but there are none. A small part of me was tempted to take one after the biking trip but the thought of Jared's head exploding came to mind and I decided that a photo op was NOT worth it. :0 We are not giving up we are just hoping that they will get used to it.

Sunday we went to church and then napped, as usual. We also hit the backyard for some weeding (woo hoo, good times) and cleaned out the shed all while the boys played in their baby prison (Super Play Yard) and loved it. I know that this all sounds quite mundane but I think when I look back on these memories that I am recording I will want to remember the small details since that is what helps comprise what is currently our lives. I mean it's not all fireworks (Actually in our neighborhood it is from June to August. Seriously, what is up with that???).

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