Saturday, May 31, 2008

School's Out for Summer!

Jared had his last day yesterday! When I was in school I never would have thought that my teachers enjoyed school being out. I mean who would they torture in their spare time? :) I now understand that they probably enjoyed summer more than any high school student could have ever imagined! I am so excited to have some more hours with Jared. He, like most teachers, works in the summer but he will be home after work instead of working more. I took the boys to the school yesterday while Jared cleaned up his room a bit. Here are some pics of their fun!

Please continue to pray for the families that I mentioned in my last post. Angie's blog continues to have the most recent information. While in college a speaker said that as Christians we should have a symbol of God's presence so that when things are difficult or we need a physical reminder that God is there we have something tangible. Mine is the wind on my face. Not every wind that passes of course just at certain times . I thought of this today as I was playing with the boys in our front room with the door open. A huge wind blew through the room and all 3 of us were stilled by it. The boys stopped playing with their toys, I stopped what I was doing and we all focused on the wind. I began to cry because when this happened I had been thinking of all that these families are going through and God took the time to remind me He is present. Thank you Lord. I also put together that my Alex loves the wind on his face too just like Mommy. I hadn't ever thought of that before. Maybe it is his symbol too, who knows?

Instead of waiting on God Alex takes matters into his own hands and enjoys the "manufactured wind" on his face :) If only this was as effective.


BoufMom9 said...

I am so sorry for your families' losses. How horrible to lose a child!
Just beautiful the way you expressed yourself.
:) Debi

Anonymous said...

so that's where all the rubberbands went from the office:) All those boxes, right there in J-Rodds Classroom!