Tuesday, May 27, 2008

lifes simple pleasures

This wknd was full of them so I thought I would note some

Evenings relaxing on the porch with Jared

A Sunday morning family stroll with caffeine in hand

Realizing that the boys diapers had been changed when I went to put them down for naps and I wasn't responsible (Thank you church nursery)

Clothes shopping (by myself) for over 2 hours

The boys playing together in the blow up pool and loving it

Watching their cousins have a water fight

An 80 degree day in Michigan on Memorial Day (today is in the 50's) :)

Snuggling up on the couch as a family and watching an entire 20 minute Baby Einstein Video (They were exhausted)

Being surrounded by friends and family that you genuinely love

The swarm of people at church that offered to baby-sit
(look out you may be getting a phone call) :)

AND......for the grand finale

The boys sleeping in until 8:20 this morning!!! (All wknd Eli woke up at 6:30) I have truly thanked God for this morning's sleep in about 1/2 a dozen times already. I hope that everyone had great Memorial Day wknds!


the schirano triplets said...

sounds like you had an absolutely wonderful weekend!

Harris Boys said...

great post! and yay for sleeping in, what a blessing that is in itself!!

Lindsi said...

8:20 in the morning? UGH! Not fair! But, anyways glad you got to sleep in. Whoot whoot!