Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Rough Week!

Here she goes again. I think she calls it "venting".
The boys are 6 months old here and I love their expressions.
I thought it fit the post :)

It has been quite a week and I figure people need to know that everyone has bad days. And since I plan to keep this for my boys to read some day I should be honest. So drumroll please......here is a recap of our week.

Wed/Eli's surgery. 1:30a.m. Called urologist on call and requested pain medicine, he says Motrin I run to Walmart at 2a.m. Drop cell phone while getting out of car and it is missing. Come home and spill most of the Motrin on my dresser in the dark. Thankfully he had already had his dose. Head back out to the car and finally find cell phone.

Friday/nervous breakdown while changing Eli's diaper. (See diaper changing explanation in this post.) Called urologist on call AGAIN (they love me) due to the excessive bleeding and they say he's fine.

Sunday/a.m.-nervous breakdown after bending over to pick up a toy and nailing my head on the counter.

Me to Jared: I am so sick of having crappy days.

Jared to me: Honey, it's only 8 a.m.

This is when I realized I had to regroup and relax. I mean come on get things in perspective. He took me on a drive to Lakeshore Drive in Detroit along the water it is beautiful and the houses are truly stunning (check it out if your in the area). He also bought me coffee and a donut and for anyone who knows me this in itself would have cheered me up (yes, I know this is sad but it is true and that is what I am seeking to be in this post, truthful :) ) Sunday night we went to Greenfield Village which was nice also.

Monday/a.m.-We realize our refrigerator is broken.

Mon/afternoon-Neurosurgery appt that took a while and then I missed my exit on the way home and ended up in dead stopped traffic and my car almost overheated. We got home at 5pm and the boys typically eat at 4p.m.

Monday/evening-Jared takes car to be fixed and we realize the refrigerator is still broken (I think we were hoping that it would be healed) .

Tuesday/a.m.- discard gobs of food (including the milk for my latte which means there is no coffee in me as we speak) and clean the refrigerator so that it looks nice for the repair man (I think I have issues :) )

In the midst of this every time I change Eli he screams like a maniac (for good reason of course) and tries to pull out the tube. So I am lifting his feet with one hand, wiping him with the other and using my elbows to stop his hands from grabbing the tube. I sometimes wish I had octopus arms. Anyways that has been my fun filled few days. The tube comes out tomorrow and I am looking SO forward to it as is Eli.

Tonight we will grocery shop so that I have milk for my coffee and life will feel normal again. Tomorrow tubes out. The boys are getting their first hair cut this wknd, we have baby dedication, Linda and I get to shop for some kickin new outfits for the boys and it's my first Mother's Day with the boys home. Life is good just


the schirano triplets said...

i am sorry things are so rough right now. i wish i could do more, but for now i am just going to send you lots of hugs and hopes for a brighter tomorrow.

Harris Boys said...

bless your heart. we all have those moments. Sending good vibes and thoughts your way sweetie!!! Hope the rest of your week looks up!!

BoufMom9 said...

OH! I am so sorry you had such a rough week. UGH! (made me want to cry for you)
I pray the tube removal goes well tomorrow and things get back to normal for you! :)

m&nmom04 said...

I am sorry that things are so rough... man, its true when it rains it pours. Tomorrow will be a new day and I know things will go much more smoothly. Happy Mother's Day! Congrats on this being your first!