Friday, May 16, 2008

A Typical Day

I thought that in the future it would be interesting to look back and see what a typical day was for our family presently. I wish I had this from when the boys were first home because I am still secretly (well, until I shared it here) impressed that I fed them every 3 hrs. even through the night and that Jared and I survived the cranky periods that sometimes lasted hours on end. Jared helped me with the 7 and 11pm feeding and then I did the 2a., 5a, and the rest of the day (when he worked). He would do all the feedings with me on wknds. This picture is how we fed them when we fed them by ourselves. I wish I remembered more from this period as it was a complete daze. This is one of the reasons I started blogging. Anyways back to the present.

Here's a typical day:

7-7:30 Boys laugh and play in crib while I lay in bed determining when I should get up. I then make my bed and head to the kitchen to make bottles.
7:30a Get boys up, change them, bottle feed them (which is getting SO easy now that they hold their bottles), feed them breakfast (usually yogurt, oatmeal and fruit).
Boys play with their favorite toys: Globe, Door (as seen in bottom pic), Leap Frog Activity table, Books.
10-11:30 Nap
11:30 Bottle and solid feeding (usually veggies and cereal)
Usually when we will run errands if necessary or walk or play outside.
2pm-3:30pm Nap
3:30 Solid feeding (meat, veggie, fruit)
7pm *within a 1/2 hr Bottle/Bed

and then it starts all over again!

Some of the activities/outings we enjoy right now are:

*The Library, Greenfield Village, visiting Daddy at school, walks around the neighborhood and at Heritage Park, visiting with our cousins, aunts, Grandma and Grandpa, sitting on a blanket on the grass and playing with toys, bubbles, being read to (Alex comes and hands you books now if you sit in the rocking chair, Eli crawls over when you start reading to Alex).

**Oops, I forgot to mention that Jared and I typically have dinner after they go to bed but lately (o.k. twice) we have been eating as a family. The boys have teething biscuits while we have dinner. I have to say that these are awesome too because the boys sit there quietly and gnaw on them forever. WARNING: said biscuits are the messiest things you will ever have to clean up BUT in my book it is worth it. Just save them for bath nights.

I highly recommend this toy and the instruments seen in the Mother's day post. They are to this stage what the swings/bouncy seats were when they were newborn and the exersaucers were to the post newborn stage. It helps me stay sane by keeping them busy for quite a while.

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