Saturday, May 3, 2008

Do they have different personalities?

This is a question that irks a lot of parents of twins because "yes, of course they do". To me it is just a funny question from curious people who are just making conversation so I just answer them and move on. I was thinking about this and how different my boys are. Here is a prime example. Grandma and Grandpa called and asked if they could bring over a box for the boys. After I realized what they meant I said of course and if the boys could chant "our mom rocks" they would have because they LOVED it (each in their own way). Great idea Grandma and Grandpa. Eli loved it and climbed right through about 1/2 a dozen times before Alex would even stick his head in. I swear Alex was surveying it for possible structural damage. He would poke his head in and then stand and put weight on the top, look in again. Never has he entered or climbed through the box and we've had it for almost a week. They respond similarly to strangers Eli loves everyone and Alex needs some time to warm up. Even the pool in Florida, Eli was trying to squirm out of Daddy's arms so that he could put his whole head under the water while Alex hung out on the step until he was ready. I love their differences. I hope that they will always love and appreciate each other's differences. Unfortunately as we age we tend to wish to be more like others. This is why I tried to get my bangs to stand up in the front like the senior girls while I was in 9th grade. Curse the early 90's! Anyways, I failed miserably and would post a picture but I do have some dignity :). Now in my 30's I think I appreciate others differences along with my own. That is where the "flavor" is. Ok enough rambling enjoy the pictures!

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Liz said...

Love the new header. Great post. I have two VERY different babies as well. I just blew up a beach ball today and Ryan loved it and play with it right away, while Kaylie cried her eyes out so much that we had to take it out of the room. LOL I'm thinking of just leaving it in the corner so she gets used to seeing it at least. Anyway, I can relate to your post.