Friday, August 12, 2011

Written Last Friday, I think????

I hestitate to even put a title on this one because I have no idea what it will be about. This week has been nice. We have been home for the past 3 days with no plans. I thoroughly enjoy that. I'll get tired of it in the Winter but Summer's are so busy that this was a welcomed retreat. It is in the high 70's here which feels amazing.

Wednesday, we were out enjoying the day. I was literally laying outside on a blanket and reading a book while the boys played, it was awesome. The kind of day you just feel so thankful and the birds are chirping, sun is shining....and then screams were resonating. Alex was being swarmed by several bees. The little suckers were relentless and I couldn't get them off of him. It was horrible. I finally just ran him into the house and thankfully they didn't follow. He was stung 6 times. I am SO thankful to God that he didn't end up being allergic. I had the epi-pen poised and ready. Jared works so close that he was able to come home and make sure that he was fine AND take care of the bee hive before returning to work. It was intense and he still has some swelling but again no breathing problems, etc.

One of the things I am most thankful for is that he was back outside the next morning. Alex is our boy who is more likely to have BIG fear. I am so glad he pushed past it. We prayed that he would and he did.

Today they are outside playing and they both have on Superman Capes and Eli is wearing shin guards, in his pajamas; while Alex is wearing a winter coat and pajamas. Eli takes it up a notch wearing his shorts backwards and inside out. I can't even type that without thinking of Alanis Morisette's line "my sweaters on backwards and inside out". Sorry, I am a teenager of the 90's and I can't help myself.

Other than this Addie is cutting two top teeth. I was complaining to my sister about how crabby she has been and the fact that an exorcism may be in order :) and she said "she's probably getting teeth". AND she is of course. Why don't I think of these things??? It is my 3rd time around. Oh well. Orajel, take me away.

Picture proof of the hilarity.
They loved making their capes fly.
Addie attempting her escape. She is intent on joining them.
Off to fight crime or save the world, whichever. IMG_3152

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