Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What's Up?

A few pics.

Recently I told Eli he had to go get dressed before he went outside and this is how he came out of the bedroom. IMG_3096
Age 4 is really quirky and fun, most of the time.
He had to share the hat with brother.

While waiting for a Tootsie Pop Eli declared "Yay! It's going to be licky!" Then as he was enjoying it he said "Is my lollipop SO lollipoppy?"

He just cracks me up.

The boys started soccer practice and are doing better than when they'd just turn 3 the spring before last. They are more ready for it now.

Addie continues to be a little sassy. I am still blaming teeth that haven't emerged but we will see. She is VERY Mommy-focused right now which is a bit tiring but we are working on that.
Biter biscuit after-math.

We had a nice weekend. Daddy's softball Saturdays are OVER. We are very dissappointed. ;) He starts school tomorrow. We had a nice weekend with family. Jared's family spoiled me by taking care of the kids the entire time we were there which was like a mini-vacation. Loved it.

And so a new week begins. I am looking forward to it.

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