Thursday, August 4, 2011

{WITL} Wednesday

After breakfast the first quesiton after Eli begs for a video or tv is "Can we go outside?" My answer is typically "Yes, but you need to put some clothes on." It is at this point they head to their room and who knows what they will come out wearing. If we are going somewhere I go and guide them or have the clothes out but on days we stay home I don't bother.

As Alex stands here and comes in and out on a typical morning I'd be saying "Shut the screen so the bugs don't get in." I repeat this SEVERAL times a day.
This is what Eli came out wearing. It's in the high 80's today.

Cranky baby.
A little rain meant the boys got to play with umbrellas. They were lovin' it.
I thought I'd intentionally show some messes today. Sometimes on blogs we just like to show the pretty. Here is a bit of the ugly. This is the post breakfast mess before I get the dishes unloaded and Addie's toys put away.
Lacing Alex up so that we can work out. He didn't last real long but he loves trying.
Blurry shot with the timer but you get the idea. It was cute.
Headed to the Library to meet Mindy and her kids. All 3 kids in my car. We thought with our 3rd we would need a mini-van but this works fine and I am glad we didn't have to spring for a new car.
Post library: Alex was mad at me because I wasn't letting him push the stroller in the parking lot. We stopped by and visited Daddy at work and he was fine after some tickling.
My job during nap time was this closet. It doesn't look a whole lot different but there was a lot of junk in there that didn't belong.
Picnik collage
I propped Addie up here to see what she is missing by not pulling up. She loved it and didn't want to get down.
After this was dinner and the boys headed to church with Jared. Addie goes to sleep by 7 so we usually stay home on Wednesdays. I did get in a 2nd walk with Addie before I put her to bed. All in all a good day with the usual amount of stress related to 3 little ones.

I have a question for those who are good with computers. This post was finished last night and I lost it even though I'd hit save. When I try to save a little thing comes up on the bottom of my screen that says "java script: void" and WILL NOT SAVE. It has been doing this for the past few days so I just have to "publish post" and then go back to edit it and "save as draft" so that it is saved. I didn't last night obviously but this is REALLY annoying. Any help??? Of course this is happening when I am doing a week with a ton of pictures. It is time consuming to say the least. Thanks!

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