Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Now that it is Tuesday, Here's Friday.

How's that for a confusing post. I was tempted not to finish this little project. I realized I am NOT a daily blogger. Anyways, here is Friday.
I love how $3 at a grocery store can be this pretty.
I also love that previous owners, my pastor and his wife Cindy, left some things behind for us. One of my favorite outside of some amazing appliances is this little old black & decker dust buster. The boys love using it and I LOVE when they do.

Truth be told, when I remember, this is their after breakfast, lunch, dinner job. I remember about the 1/2 the time. It is funny how I start doing chores they could easily do just because I am so used to me or Jared doing them.

The boys love to smell my coffee in the morning. They also love to help me grind the beans. Loud machines are fun I guess.
I usually have my coffee around 10 when Addie takes her morning nap. Love this time of day.

I found Alex here .
We got a toy car in the box of Cheerios and they played with it for an hour. I joined them.

Eli was our bridge. I really do make him wear clothes periodically. :)
Such determination.
Oops, car under the stove. He was bummed. Um, and the car is still there because I forgot about it until I saw this picture. :)
Eli's feet. He is awfully cute, however SEE why I don't blog daily? Some days we just sit on the floor and play with cars in our undies. Well, Eli anyways.
Again, I LOVE when they make each other laugh. This was a wrestling match that I had to put a stop to but not until they'd had some fun first. Addie is part of this sibling laughing thing also. They can make her laugh harder than I EVER can.

While taking out the recycling Eli fell and got a huge bump on his head. The picture does not do it justice. I had to add this picture because he was making a crazy face and I said "Eli, can you just smile?" and this is what I got. So funny.
Coffee with my Bible outside. Love doing this and wish I could say it is daily but I miss days and I am working on that.

Alex's tricks on the swing. He is strong, this one.IMG_3039
One of Eli's favorite things to do is fill his little pool.
My partner in crime, laying next to me while I read. If I remember right the Bible reading was never completed this day. I am sure they needed help with something or Addie woke, who knows.
AND that is the last picture I took on Friday.

We went swimming at Miss Vicki's ("like on Angelina, Ballerina", according to Eli). The boys were tentative at first and then they became little fish. They also fell asleep by 8:15. LOVE that.

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