Monday, August 1, 2011

A Week in the Life~ Monday

This week I decided to do "A Week in the Life". I ran across Ali Edward's blog and she challenged you to take pictures of the ordinary, normal, routine, stuff throughout your day for a week. I read about it on Friday of last week so wasn't able to join in with all of the other's participating but decided I liked the idea and would start it today.

I liked the idea because Jared and I are always wondering "What in the world did we DO before we had kids??" and I often think "How did we survive twin infants?" All of these things are sort of a blur so I think I will appreciate knowing what my life was like on the week of August 1st 2011. I think she encourages you to do this yearly.

Anyways, as boring as it may seem right now, here we go.

Our day starts with Addie jabbering in her crib. Her jabbering turns to crying and I get out of bed and head into the kitchen to make her bottle, open the blinds and head to her room.
I had my first green smoothie (well first one that I liked) today. I used kale instead of spinach and it was so much better. Here's some useful smoothie info. AND the health benefits of kale are insane!! Truly, Google it!IMG_2692
After breakfast Addie has playtime on the floor.IMG_2694
Today the boys vegged out because we were having a play date and Mama needed to clean up the breakfast mess. They were watching Team Umi Zoomi, I think and eating dry cereal out of a bowl with sippy cups. To my defense, I did try to get them to drink the smoothie but we will have to go back to the drawing board because they were NOT havin' it. And the sippy cups were because sometimes I don't want to deal with MORE of a mess. :)IMG_2700
The play date was a lot of fun and the boys were tired so it was quiet time. Eli was in my room and awake so I decided to snag a pic of him and Mama.IMG_2713
Alex's quiet time. A very RARE moment when he wasn't posing for the camera. Yay.IMG_2749
The boys ended up falling asleep so I headed for the dishes. There are ALWAYS dishes to be done AND there seems to always be a milk ring on the counter too. :)IMG_2742
Speaking of ALWAYS......laundryIMG_2762
Listening to the Watermark station on Pandora. We LOVE Pandora. IMG_2763
Addie's post dinner meltdown. She wasn't happy with the fact that everyone had left the table. I was balancing the checkbook, Jared was getting ready for our walk and the boys were playing.
Jared watering our new azaleas. I hope they do well.IMG_2771
A horrible picture of us ready for a walk. "Someone" might have hurried, snapped a picture and then taken the camera in the house before "someone" looked at the results.IMG_2772
Eli deciding which toys to take in his backpack.IMG_2776
Clothes and bags ready for our doctor appointments tomorrow. IMG_2781
And that, my friends, is a Monday.....well, after I do the dinner dishes and pack snacks for tomorrow and shower and read a little. But the day always feels over once the little ones are in bed. Ahhhhh.


Amber said...

Okay so you've inspired me to 1. try a green smoothie. I'm googling Kale now, ha! 2. I might do my own "day in the life" post. It will be nice to look back years from now and remember what a typical day was like for us. Have a great week! I love catching up with you guys :).

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I loved getting to see your day. I totally know the feeling of trying to clean and trying to keep there from being new messes.

I love Watermark too.