Saturday, August 6, 2011

Thursday {WITL} In reverse!

So I uploaded these backwards, therefore we will review the day in reverse.
It's getting close to bedtime and although Addie's new favorite activity is emptying the magazine bowl she was over it.
After my doctor appointment I dropped into a drugstore because they had dye 2 for $5. I was excited and tempted to buy a lot more but held off. And of course you can't leave the drug store without a cheapy nail polish. Mission Accomplished.
My appointment went really well and my doc is excited about my weight loss and the fact that my blood pressure was PERFECT as was my cholesterol ratio. My family typically has cholesterol issue but mine is FINALLY in check. Yay!IMG_2974
Addie's new favorite spot. This was her first time noticing our squirrel friends. IMG_2973
We made finger paint. The texture was a bit weird to the boys ended up asking for paint brushes. Go figure.IMG_2972
The pretty jars of paint, ready to go.
They had fun making it also.
End of story. I don't remember much else about this particular day because I am blogging about it two days too late. Oops.

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JDaniel4's Mom said...

Homemade fingerpaint sounds like fun. Love your pictures.